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8 years ago#1
anyone know if there is a reason when i jump sometimes i don't have silk? i know it seems to happen if i'm on a very thin part of a plant that moves a lot but there were also times on the 1st garden that it happened. kinda frustrating when i'm trying to collect pollen and i launch myself all the way to the ground. that's the only part i dislike so far (except for some of those impossible trophies, but i didn't buy it for the trophies).
8 years ago#2
You can't produce silk when launching from a rock. Are you sure you're only clicking the jump button once?
8 years ago#3
Also, if you hold the button too long (even if you only press once), you'll jump instead of using silk. Make sure you're only tapping the button instead of holding. Sometimes I jump on accident because of this.
8 years ago#4
Ok I took a look just to be sure. If I pressed the button only once and held it down, I had silk until I released the button. The problem with this is sometimes the player holds down the button just a tiny bit longer than a tap and it will make you release the silk instead of swinging to collect pollen as intended. Just have to keep practicing I guess.
8 years ago#5
yeah i played around with it today and that's the case. i found that i was holding it down just a bit too long. if you hold it down though it does show silk but releases it at the end. thanks for the helpful responses.
8 years ago#6
It was so annoying figuring this out! And whenever I hear the timer counting down I panic and forget. Still having fun though.
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