PJEden Key NOT working on the Demo

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7 years ago#1
I downloaded the PJE Demo back when it first came out .
BEAT IT. and NEVER deleted it.

I bought the unlock key when the sale was going on last week.

I tried playing the game from where I left off and it said I had to purchase the full version.
So I go and delete all the save/game data

I re-downloaded/installed the Demo.
I re-downloaded/installed the Unlock Key.

and its still not letting me get passed 5 spectra!
It keeps telling me I have to buy the full version.

Ive done this 3 times already.

I checked the Demo List to see if another version of the demo was up.
but there is absolutely NOTHING there. I had to redownload the demo via my download history

can anyone help?
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7 years ago#2
Maybe it's your save? Try deleting your game data utility before re-installing.

I installed the key before the demo and it's still working perfectly for me.
7 years ago#3
okay I got it now.

Weird. I checked my DL history. There was another PJE demo up there a couple days after the first download. (which is weird because I've never had to redownload anything)

So I downloaded it. installed it. and now DEMO is off the name.
Thanks though!
Only virgins read my sig.
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