You Want Me To What? Trophy FAQ

#1FlameMasterAJPosted 12/28/2009 7:29:31 PM
For those of you who are having issues with this trophy, I am here to help. I know it can be very difficult at first, but rest assured, The End Of DeathBringer is THE EASIEST COMPUTER CHARACTER in the game. Most of you may say "Bull****". Well, I'll create some tips and ways to defeat him easily. Now, the only issue for this trophy, is actually surviving the Apocalypse Flame. Some things you have to remember:

You Want Me To What? (Trophy)
* Set the Difficulty to VERY HARD.
* Choose a character you have some decent knowledge with (helps to know what to do in pinches)

Now this sounds very difficult at first... Chose your character of choice, making sure the difficulty is set at the hardest (very hard) and set it to 1 round. Go through all 8 levels till you reach the 9th which is the End Of DeathBringer. From here, waste a couple rounds to learn his exact patterns and moves. I'd say waste around 10 rounds learning. Now, what you want to look for, is mainly standing on the very opposite side of the screen, maximizing the distance of the floor (meaning he is at the very other side). He will usually do his Horse dashing move because of your distance. When he does this, parry 5 times, then pause for a half second, then parry 2 more times. Get this down, and getting a perfect isnt so hard anymore. If he dashes at you instead of the horse move, Super jump over him, grabbing him while landing, then get ur distance to parry the horse move.

Now, to keep things in mind, you wont ALWAYS be able to be at the very opposite side of the screen. If he is a little bit away from his side of the wall, the horse move will do 6 ground hits, so you will have to parry 6 times instead of 5. And if he is REALLY close, you will have to parry 7 times instead of 5 or 6. You will get use to the distance doing many retries, easily decyphering how many times you parry.

Now, with the horse dash parry system mastered, after parrying the whole thing, he will be in the air, use this time to damage him a little bit. Whats good is if you parry his whole horse move, you get max 3mp gauge, which is very useful. I use Urs, so after I parry the whole move and hes still in the air, I use this time to go into Heat, and right when he lands, I do A,B, 623C which does decent damage, and it hits them away so I can return to the very opposite side of the screen. Keep doing this until he does his Level moves, where it counts down as he 'powers' up, counting down to 1.

When he counts down to 1, its Apocalypse Flame time. The timing of this is crucial, and this will be the reason why you retry so much to get this trophy. To initially start the parry against the AF, you have to Parry RIGHT BEFORE THE SCREEN FREEZES WHEN IT SHOWS DB DOING THE AF!
Then from there, you have to time 21 hits correctly to parry the whole thing. Sounds like a pain, I know. It's 22 hits in total, remember that.

He will usually only be able to pull this out once per round, rarely he will do it twice. Once you parry the AF, it's easy from there on, as the parry against the horse dashing technique is easy to master, and he usually does that 90% of the time.

I hope this helps, the game doesnt really explain how to get this very well, I hope this topic will last so everyone can see how to get it.

And, with that, I'm gone.
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#2NthenormPosted 12/29/2009 12:03:07 AM
The trophy only needs one round to get it, doesn't it? Wouldn't setting it to more rounds help more because you get more chances in case you mess up?

I'm probably gonna try this tomorrow. All I have left for trophies are this, the story related stuff, and online and I'm too lazy to bother with those other 2.
#3meguerPosted 12/29/2009 8:07:58 AM
Based on the description of the trophy you can try to get this trophy on HARD difficulty (NOT very hard).

'In single-player arcade mode, on a difficulty higher than NORMAL, survive Deathbringer's Apocalypse Flame attack and win the round with full health.

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#4Cyber Akuma ZeroPosted 12/29/2009 9:49:23 AM
Are you allowed to continue?
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#5SilentNova777Posted 12/29/2009 10:12:01 AM
He doesn't say you have to set it to very hard like he does for the other two. I think that he is probably saying that Deathbringer's final form just has more patterns and is actually easier to avoid then he is on other difficulty settings. I believe you can get this trophy on normal to be honost.
Timing is everything with this and I just can't get the timing down.
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#6meguerPosted 12/29/2009 1:35:03 PM
@Cyber Akuma Zero

Yes, you can use how many continues you want. To be honest, you'll have to use a lot of continues.


It's not possible to get this trophy on NORMAL difficulty. On trophy description says "...higher than normal..".

I have to master the time of Apocalypse Flame.
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#7NthenormPosted 12/29/2009 3:37:59 PM
I've been experimenting with Freed for a bit and the amount of parries seems odd with him. We're usually always at the absolute edges of the screen when he does the horse ramming special and normally I'll have to parry 6 hits, then another 3 when he jumps. But there'll also be times where I only need to parry 5 hits instead. I've been making sure the spacing is the same and that I'm not moving while he about to attack.

As for Apocalypse Flame. 10 hits has been my record so far. I was on my way to a perfect beforehand too.
#8FlameMasterAJ(Topic Creator)Posted 12/29/2009 8:41:23 PM
Reason I said Very Hard, is for 2 reasons: Like one of the users said above, the patterns are more frequent, making it easier to get AF on ur ass. If i remember correctly, the 360 version required you to be on VERY HARD. Like I said, it's not very clear on the description, but you HAVE TO GET A PERFECT, which it doesnt say in the description.
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#9FlameMasterAJ(Topic Creator)Posted 12/29/2009 8:44:52 PM
And yes, you can continue. Reason I set it to 1 round, is it takes little to no time to get to DB. Retrying after losing isnt the reason issue.

One of the best ways to practice this, is get End Of Death Bringer and go into training and have him do it on u. Practice the timing, and go get your trophy. BTW, to get EoDB, you have to clear 100 of every character in Story mode.
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#10NthenormPosted 12/29/2009 11:28:04 PM
Ah I see. I find the time spent beating the other characters twice and forfeiting a round that I didn't get a perfect in to be far less annoying than constantly losing to DB and going thru the continue screen stuff.

I did it on Hard mode and I kinda regret it. He did a bit more random stuff that broke my perfects a couple times and took a lot longer than I should. But I was also doing a lot of jump in combos that I'm not sure would've worked on Very Hard. Either way I finally got the trophy, and a ridiculously huge high score to go along with it.