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5 years ago#1
Hey, I'm a tower defense junkie and I play sc2 as well as the ninja kiwi games I was just wondering if anyone knew of any other td games for 360 or even pc for that matter. Thx
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5 years ago#2
Plants vs. Zombies (360 & PC) is really good, you may want to check it out.
5 years ago#3
Here are some tower games on the 360 I tried this morning with the intent of buying one:

South Park Let's Go Tower Defense Play!
Defense Grid: The Awakening
Towers (Indie game)
Sketchy Tower Defense (Indie game)
Crystal Defenders
Plants vs. Zombies

They were all pretty fun but I ended up buying Defense Grid. It seemed like the biggest, most fun, and the most complete tower experience of the bunch.
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