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5 years ago#1
I've played through most of the levels on hard now, but I still have 0 mercenary kills. What is a mercenary enemy? Do they only appear on expert?
Xbox GT - fallouthirteen
5 years ago#2
Anyone have any help with this? It's the only MP challenge I have no idea how to get.
Xbox GT - fallouthirteen
5 years ago#3
Ok, I've played through every level on every difficulty. Still don't have one of these kills. Also, it'd explain the 1 missing entry into the Assets and Threats infobank header. I'm thinking they just aren't in the game. I hope someone can prove that theory wrong.
Xbox GT - fallouthirteen
5 years ago#4
Actually there are mercs around. I found them on expert mission 1 with 4 people and me not being host. I got 2 kills and my friend got 5... He now has 8 total and i am still stuck with 2.

They drop from a ship when you open the huge doors near the tank with turret on it. I only seen this drop 2 times out of almost 2m experience.. I am in top 10 on the leaderboards so i have no clue how to have them show again they never do and i tried many times over and over. I only need that challenge to for god knows how long now.

I bet you have to do something special or hell maybe yet another bug where not hardly ever see them drop...

It is sad how nobody posts about this challenge. I searched google for 2-3 days now and nothing really just a few forums asking about them but no answers. I got meh with nobody saying anything so i figured i start the dang ball running and give my experience.
5 years ago#5
I have 7/10 mercenary kills so far (Level 3). I had them drop on 2 separate occasions. Once in a 3 player co-op run on Scandinavia (expert) in the large warehouse before the boss battle. The second time was in a 2 player co-op run in Colorado (also expert) after the huge influx of bad guys on the upper helipad. They were dropped from a ship on the second highest helipad after we had taken care of most of the enemies.

It seems like a completely random occurrence so I guess just keep on truckin...
5 years ago#6
So what makes them different from regular enemies (how will I know if I see them)? Any distinguishing characteristics like armor, weapons, name, etc?
Xbox GT - fallouthirteen
5 years ago#7
Awesome, thanks for the input. Ran the first level 3 times just now (just the first part) and they finally spawned. And yeah, they have the same red health bar as Sgts. I hosted a private co-op, invited a person after I cleared the drop zone, and we cleared nearly everyone before opening the game (we also hacked all the stuff on the way). Then a drop ship came and dropped off like 6 guys and a reactive. I'll do some more testing later and see if I can figure any more out about this.
Xbox GT - fallouthirteen
5 years ago#8
I can confirm Colorado on expert with 2 people spawns mercenaries on the 2nd highest helipad. 5/5 on attempts so far. It only spawns 5 of them per attempt though so it will take a bit of time.

They look like army guys. Green fatigues, bandoliers, etc..
5 years ago#9
Just got them on Colorado expert. 4 people. They spawned on the middle helipad. Don't recommend trying to farm them on this level, they have riotlances. They spawned near the end of the mission, one of the characters yelled out "Drop ship" while we were grabbing the last cases and then they popped up.
Xbox GT - fallouthirteen
5 years ago#10
@chosen one

Is there an easier spot to farm mercs? Do they only spawn on the first map if you have 4 players present?

Also it seems like you keep your kills even if you fail the mission. Although it sucks Colorado mercs have riotlances, you can potentially kill them, fail, and keep re-attempting to clear this challenge quickly. I'm not absolutely sure that this is the case but it seems like it when I look at my stats.

Just need 6 more mercs...
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