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4 years ago#1

I'm not able to defeat the two Trauma Status gurads in 20th milestone. They keep coming back after I kill them. Any tips?

4 years ago#2
Get them both really low on health, then kill them within a few seconds of each other.
4 years ago#3

Generally I'll use the big glass structure that's directly in front of you as the boss fight starts for cover. That way you can keep an eye on both through it. If you stay on the side of it you start out at as well, quite often one of those gals will stay back a bit, usually the one with the lazer. You need to make sure you breach it when they lower it though.

The other I pummel with the assault rifle, backfire, reload, pummel some more until she's low on helath. If the other is far enough away she can't revive her. Even if she isn't close enough but heading to her, backfire her before taking out the fallen one to keep her from getting close enough to revive her. After both are taken out you get a checkpoint.

Here's another tip that's handy. Try to kill the 2nd gal from behind the cover spot that's behind and to the left of your starting point, which is right by a TAR ammo rack. It gives you a great jump on Merit if you can reload and restock ammo just before he enters the fight. With him I saved my DART for shooting him and timed a dash around the glass structure before his missiles hit.

Last time I did this boss fight on Hard I only used the TAR on the gals and instead of using all the defense upgrades I had double ammo (Beast of Burden) and backfire boost (Perferator) and it worked better than what I chose the first couple runs. You WILL want some of the defense upgrades as well of course, but once you develope a good strategy, some of the offensive ones are great for allowing more time for recharging and reloading while behind cover, keeping enemies suppressed, or just avoiding risky runs for ammo stocking.

4 years ago#4

Forgot to say make SURE you aim for the head when pummeling an enemy in DART mode, unless they're twitching about, then aim for chest. The game lacks good hit placement in some respects, like the lock on gauss that shoots around objects, part of the reason it takes so much ammo, but manually aiming at the head is pretty effective. I never used aim assist in all my 3 run throughs and had no problem once I developed a good strategy.

4 years ago#5
If you shoot the main guy, his elevator will drop, which will prevent him from resurrecting them. While he's down, just get them both on the ground and then melee them.
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4 years ago#6
They can be resurrected by both him and each other. It's pretty much a given if you're playing on Normal or esp Hard that you'll want to keep Merit's elevator dropped so he can't shoot you, but if the gals are close together, one will help the other when downed.
4 years ago#7
Well, i managed to kill the twins, but now merit is pummeling my ass...

i saved the laser shots to break his armor, but he either throws his nades (cant breach nough of them) or mows me down with his minigun.....
4 years ago#8
Just run around that big glass object for cover and to evade explosives, raising it when he lowers it like I said. Also switch weapons when one runs out of ammo when you're trying to lower his health. You just have to think on your feet, there's no time for delays or fumbling controls.
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