Toy Story 3 Wii Last Piece of Dino Puzzle

#1Jerem2011Posted 2/24/2011 2:25:58 PM
Did anyone respond to this previous posting? I am having the same issue - I can see the last piece of the puzzle but can't find a way to get to it. May son and I are not able to move on to other challenges until we solve this one, so we're basically stuck. Anybody had this same issue or know how to solve? Thanks in advance!
#2PapaFritzPosted 2/28/2011 2:53:24 AM
Being a dad myself i know exactly what you mean, I tried it a dozen times from above (top wooden deck) for at least an hour or so... Good part was that i collected the girl cowboy outfit bubble which was floating there ;-). When you are sliding all way up to the top deck, DON'T TAKE the last railway up ! Instead turn around and walk back to the previous railway and look to the left, et voila ! Jump to the cliff, take the puzzle piece & finish !