save data for warriors orochi pc (all characters unlocked)

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8 years ago#1
all characters unlocked, zuo ci at level 99 with lvl 4 weapon, xing cai and oichi with lvl 4 weapon. reset officer if you want. just replace your save.dat file with this file. (remember to back up your original save file, just in case under any circumstances this file does not work!)
8 years ago#2
can you please post this on rapidshare? i don't want to install a toolbar just to be able to download from megaupload
8 years ago#3
sure here you go:
8 years ago#4
thank you very much
8 years ago#5
you're welcome =)
8 years ago#6
erm.... i have downloaded the save file from but how do you use it? any advice would be useful as i havenot done this before. Thanks :)
8 years ago#7
under the folders 'my documents' for xp or 'documents' if you're using vista, there should be a folder titled 'KOEI'. open it, you'll see a 'warriors OROCHI' folder, open it again there should be a 'Savedata' folder. open it, you'll have a 'save.dat' file. replace it with the one you downloaded. turn on your game and off you go! enjoy!

(p.s.: as i'v reminded, please backup your original 'save.dat' file in case my file doesn't work. i'v made this thread and uploaded this file because two of the thread in this forum which is similar to mine, their save file doesn't work with mine and also some other users as well.)
8 years ago#8
i got it already.... gee thanks alot for the help. I appreciate it very much. hope that you will never face dificult situations when u play games :) thanks again
8 years ago#9
you're welcome. glad i've of some help xD
8 years ago#10

isnt unlocking the characters and weapons half the fun of it :/

why would you wanna save file to do it for you...hmmm

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