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8 years ago#1

when ever i've played an alien game as a marine and i see/hear the motion tracker, the alien is upon me in no time! I'd like to see the motion tracker with a longer rang, so it takes the alien even longer to reach me! thus increasing the supence and tention knowing some thing is coming to kill you and panic setting in!

just like in the film Alien 1 when the alien slowly slides his tail behind that woman who is petrified to move, tention my friends, thats what its all about!

8 years ago#2
Motion Tracker was already plenty useful though. You knew if something was around the corner which is all that mattered. Though I laughed how they made bugs an moving doors screw with your head.

As for me so long as the Survival mode returns for multiplayer im happy.
8 years ago#3
Oh yes! Survivor should definately return, superb dynamic gameplay! It's looking good though and I, for one, think Gearbox can pull it off. Can't wait for this one
8 years ago#4
As for the motion tracker, I thought there was plenty of range on it to be honest.... any more than it has presently would give the marines too much of an advantage imo
8 years ago#5
well i for one would like to see a little more rang! remember in aliens with the motion tracker where they locked them self in a room and there reading down the distance on the motion tracker!! well thats the kinda situation im hopping to get/feel in this game!
8 years ago#6
Well like he said you have to consider the multiplayer. If it worked like in the movies you would be able to track the aliens all over the map. I agree I think the range it had in AvP2 was fine.
8 years ago#7

WAKE UP! This isn't AVP , NO PREDATORS. And NO the motion tracker shouldn't have longer range than it does in the movie ALIENS! This is gonna be a game true to the movie, and you won't be able to fire your rifle at the same time as you use the motion tracker, you know why? Because you hold it in one hand! you can only use handgun at the same time, like in the movie! This game is gonna be awesome. AVP sucks!

8 years ago#8
Whoa what's your issue with AvP?
The game was made in a rather decent way in my opinion.
Especially Aliens versus Predator: Gold Edition. I loved playing as the Alien and I always wet my pants while playing as the Marine when I heard the radar bleeping harder and harder and next thing I knew there was an alien proceeding to chew on my leg.
"There's a very fine line between not listening and not caring, I'd like to think that I'm walking along that line everyday" - Church, RvB
8 years ago#9
I like the AvP2 motion detector. The gaming experience is at its best when you are suddenly surrounded by enemies. I just hope that this game has a strong single-player mode, with a good, long campaign and survivor, evac, and death match modes in single player.
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