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7 years ago#1
I like that feeling you get when a game was canceled ages ago and now, out of the blue, you hear it's back in the works. I remember reading about this game and then, shortly after, hearing it was canceled. I felt sad, but that was so many years ago. Times have changed, technology has changed, let's hope this game blows us all away.
Great graphics do not a great game make.
7 years ago#2
I'm so excited for this game and also for the newly announced AvP game.
7 years ago#3
Agreed. Just saw some scans of that game and it looks gnarly already. Hopefully all three games (Alien RPG, Colonial Marines and AVP) will come out sooner or later. The Alien and Predator franchises need a big boost in the gaming department in my opinion. Great franchises with lots of potential in my opinion.
Great graphics do not a great game make.
7 years ago#4
I agree, they are enourmous amounts of potential, I used to play AvP2 for PC and it was the greatest thing ever to me back in the day. I'm pumped for all of those games and I really hope they do it right. I believe that the new AvP game has been put to priority 1 and is actually supposed to be out near the end of the year or early next while Aliens: Colonial Marines and the Alien RPG are supposed to come out sometime in 2010. I'm very excited for Colonial Marines, but I havn't seen anything really on the others so whatever comes first, make it fast!

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