Season Pass Info (and Bug hunt DLC)

#1FusionCPosted 2/8/2013 1:31:26 PM
ChrisF from Gearbox has given us the following info

-Bug Hunt releases on 3.19 at 14.99

-But Hunt WILL be part of the Season Pass which offers a 40% saving for the 4 DLC Packs

-Bug Hunt DLC will come with 3 maps that are unique to the Bug Hunt DLC Mode

-Bug Hunt can be played solo but solo players will face a very hard time (his words)

-If you preorder from walmart you will get a voucher for the Bug Hunt DLC pack to use when it launches in March

-It can be played offline

-It can be played via system link

-All XP earned does carry to other game modes

-you CANNOT play split-screen in this mode
For the Horde!!!!