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  3. Save your money...for now
2 years ago#1
It's a mediocre at best game. It is so unpolished it is really mind boggling. A terrible port that really looks like a standard console game. The PC options is laughable at best.

5-6 years of development and what you got was a turd of a game.

The only saving grace is that co-op is fun. Aliens vs Marines is OK.

Played for about 2 hours, I give it a 5/10.

Wait for it to hit $10, if you are a HUGEEEEEE Aliens fan you may appreciate it more but the game is really as bad as they say.
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2 years ago#2
It's a stretch even at $10. In fact, giving Gearbox ANY money at all tells them it's ok for them to take another giant crap on a great franchise again in the future.
2 years ago#3
people buy games for different reasons. All the hate on this game seems to be about the single player.

I bought AVP2 years ago and barely touched the single player. Was too busy being entertained by the multiplayer.
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  3. Save your money...for now

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