It doesn't improve the game that much.

#1dark trunksPosted 2/14/2013 8:58:53 PM

But it definitely takes away the washed out look the game has. Although what they show is darker than mine. I'm not sure if they have changed settings themselves, but mine is a little brighter.

It doesn't improve the visuals that much, and I haven't been able to get AA to work, but at least it's something.

And on that note - This is the only game I know of where I can have five enemies standing together, I fire a grenade into them, and they all walk backward shaking their heads, and manage to recover to run straight back into battle. Wonderful.
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#2xKANONxPosted 2/15/2013 3:41:15 AM
the question is why waste any time trying to polish this turd?
#3KaraduinPosted 2/15/2013 7:29:50 AM
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#4MegumiChanPosted 2/15/2013 7:33:23 AM
That looks awful. Sharpening? Really? Also, oversaturation of colors and making the game darker won't make it look better. You're just seeing less bad graphics.

Don't even bother trying to make this game look good.
#5dark trunks(Topic Creator)Posted 2/15/2013 10:47:54 AM
Karaduin posted...
He must enjoy the game somewhat. Why are you wasting you're time criticising someone for trying to improve a game they like and you think is a turd? You must think of turds a lot. Got one here for ya OPEN WIDE!

I'm not really that keen on it, to be honest. But I'm willing to play through the game until I reach the end. And if I can make that experience a little more bearable, and get rid of the washed out look the game did have previously, then I'll do it.

They should have realised when they opened this thread that this was optional. They didn't, and they reacted in the lowest possible way. If they want to be like that, and they want to be ungrateful, and not say "thank you, but I'll pass on this", let them be. It lets me know who to ignore in the future.

Either way, personally I'm happy with what this did to the game visually. It made it darker, the game isn't washed out anymore, and though it's still not a pretty picture it looked slightly better. The mere fact you can change the settings, if you want, or remove these files altogether if you're not happy, makes it worth a try just on the off chance it is worth while.

But you really can't make the gameplay better. This is the second time I've had a run in with an Alien that just wouldn't die. Very annoying.
"If you've got yourself a dream, work hard, believe in yourself because I know dreams can come true."- Dennis DeYoung 1997
#6romsnbombsPosted 2/15/2013 11:33:15 AM
To be honest, I don't think anything sort of a new texture pack will do.

This mod actually makes the low res textures stand out more.
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