Aliens: Colonial Marines on Windows XP 64 Bit

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decided it was time to come to the good place.

The good place? So why are you on GameFAQs instead of the good place?
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Actually, I forgot the most basic advice: try running in compatibility mode.

Go to the game's install executable, right click, and there's a tab named "Compatibility". See if there's an option to run as XP SP3. It might be labed 32 bit or as x86.

...o_O Huh?

How would Windows XP computer that doesn't have SP3 have a compatibility mode for SP3? That makes no sense x.x;

Compatibility mode is a Vista/7/8 feature. It does not go "forward" though, only backwards. For example, Vista cannot be set to "Windows 8 mode" as it does not have the software 8 does.

If you can find an SP3 for XP 64 bit, you must be visiting from an alternate dimension where such a thing actually exists.

People in OUR dimension running XP 64 bit can use compatibility mode for x86 XP SP3.