As a soldier xeno with adrenaline rush, i keep dying several seconds after a fig

#1RufusNKenRSTierPosted 2/15/2013 10:17:19 PM
For example I'll kill some guys, and the last guy I killed... lets say he hit me with a shotgun before I mauled him to death.

Then I'll run off and several seconds later, when I'm all alone, it'll say he shotgunned me and I'll die.

Does this happen to anyone else?
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#2EchriadoPosted 2/15/2013 11:52:03 PM
That is supposed to happen. It gives you the second wind to kill the people whos guns actually work. Check the corners of your screen, your alien will start squealing and the goo will cover the screen with intensity meaning you're about to die
#3EchriadoPosted 2/15/2013 11:55:12 PM
To clarify, Adrenaline rush isn't causing this. This is an effect of the "Rage" Trait, Not AR.