Preffered weapons as marine

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User Info: Kumra1

4 years ago#1
lets back away from everything and start something new shall we?

Primary: Hick's shotgun
Secondary: Pulserifle/ firebomb
Sidearm: Vasquez's pistol
Tactical: Firebomb
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User Info: guzman1283

4 years ago#2
Primary: Pulserifle w/ Grenade launcher
Secondary: Tactical Shotgun w/ Arc rounds
Sidearm: Vasquez's pistol
Tactical: Claymore mine
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User Info: FaPaThY

4 years ago#3
Primary: Pulse Rifle /w firebombs or Battle Rifle /w proxi-mines
Secondary: Pump shotgun /w Flechette rounds
Sidearm: Combat pistol (Full-auto, extended mag)
Tactical: Claymores
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User Info: McLargeHuge

4 years ago#4
Primary: Pulse Rifle w/ Grenade rounds
Secondary: Tac Shotgun, w/ arc rounds
Tactical: Claymore
Sidearm: Combat pistol

User Info: kanamaks

4 years ago#5
Primary: Battle Rifle with Prox-Mines , Smart Scope and High Velocity Rounds
Secondary: Tactical Shotgun with Arc Rounds , Box Magazine and Motorized Cycling
Sidearm: Service Pistol with High Velocity Rounds
Tactical: Frag Grenades
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