My Aliens Colonial Marines mini review with first mission gameplay on max settin

#1meankilleRPosted 3/19/2013 1:39:47 PM
I was really dreading doing this video but as a person who uploads gameplay on youtube I brought myself to make a video to inform potential buyers. The game is nowhere near as bad as the media reviews claims it to be it is not worth the full price though, but it is quite mediocre game. My video is of the first mission, I Apologize in advance because my microphone volume was very low. I hope Gearbox Software decides to release a patch with a high-res texture pack for PC and fixes for the numerous bugs in the game. All in all I don't think this game is worth the money at full price maybe a half-price but even then its still hard to justify the purchase of this game unless you love the Aliens movies like me, bu even as a huge fan, I feel ripped off.

Here's the link to Aliens: Colonial Marines video -

Here is my channel if you would like to see games on PC with maximum graphical settings