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Worth 15$ (Archived)Egocentrism44/30/2013
I'm looking for someone to play through the co-op campaign with. (Archived)NotTallRyan14/6/2013
The reviews/scores on this game are outright ridiculous. (Archived)
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Is nobody playing this online anymore? (Archived)The Sock14/1/2013
anyone else feel like the difficulty skyrocketed after the update? (Archived)Jason_Ryu_344/1/2013
Woah, Bug Hunt is actually... Fun o_O (Archived)Cereburus Q64/1/2013
How does the game look and feel after the patch? (Archived)
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Survival mod (Archived)some09guy II13/29/2013
Please do yourself a favor and go play this game instead (Archived)darkleox93/24/2013
3.8GB update coming. Improving Visuals, A.I., Etc. (Archived)Cyborg100043/20/2013
Considerably more enjoyable on UBA (Archived)some09guy II43/20/2013
My Aliens Colonial Marines mini review with first mission gameplay on max settin (Archived)meankilleR13/19/2013
How many level is there in this game? (Archived)Nuttawech33/19/2013
The console versions got an update (Archived)SpazH3d43/18/2013
I was just playing AVP 2010 (Archived)Rod198423/17/2013
Challenge group any one want to? (Archived)STARSBRAVOTEAM73/9/2013
why do dev release games like these (Archived)
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Can you use a xbox 360 controller? (Archived)jucj5233/7/2013
Preffered weapons as marine (Archived)Kumra153/7/2013
Better than Borderlands 2. (Archived)xChaosLordx73/6/2013
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