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For those who like the game, how is the 3d? (Archived)Jack_Ryder_201343/4/2013
Decided to redownload AvP 2010 after playing through A:CM (Archived)
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Mods are happening ( screens ) (Archived)xenosaga12353/1/2013
Couch Co-op playthrough: Not that bad.... (Archived)triajojo12/26/2013
Aliens: Colonial Marines - Steam is giving refunds (Archived)
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Let's Plays Make This Game Much More Bearable (Archived)axman1122422/24/2013
Aliens: Colonial Marines on Windows XP 64 Bit (Archived)
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Randy Pitchford reply regarding CM demo vs actual full release (Archived)lightpeak32/22/2013
WTF? How do they expect this to make sense? (Spoilers) (Archived)
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gets alot of unjust hate (Archived)Spokkerjones72/21/2013
letter to randy (Archived)
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Something to keep an eye out for for the cheap people. (Archived)addressunknown22/20/2013
My review of Alien Colonial Marines for PC (Archived)yuedar42/20/2013
When do we pick up new guns? (Archived)Temp8922/20/2013
I really like this game a lot. Never seen so much Nerd Rage over a game. (Archived)
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"The guns are dry, every bullet." (Archived)SenorBozz72/19/2013
New PC gamer needs help.... (Archived)sexxyboyy12/19/2013
Steam pre-order? (S.H.A.R.P. Stick) (Archived)Cereburus Q92/19/2013
Accurate description from Randy... (Archived)STARSBRAVOTEAM12/19/2013
So what happened to the marines from the 2nd movie? *obvious spoilers* (Archived)Death SIayer102/18/2013
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