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An open letter [of hope] to Sega Corporation (Archived)MalifacentX82/18/2013
Aliens colonial marines cheats (Archived)
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Frame rate drops (Archived)andr1y722/18/2013
Good read about the whole 'Who is responsible?" debacle (Archived)Ghstrdr13Plyr52/17/2013
Honestly, I can forgive almost everything in this game except one (Archived)
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CM Wii U testers claims Gearbox misuse development funds (Archived)Mhunter04102/17/2013
Whats the best way to do the decapitate challenge? (Archived)RufusNKenRSTier22/17/2013
Make it count... challenge... (Archived)STARSBRAVOTEAM22/17/2013
Free Shift Code (Multi-Use) (Archived)BTHR_Zero_X22/17/2013
Did I miss a cutscene or something? (Archived)SenorBozz22/17/2013
I actually like this game (Archived)chickenloverX102/17/2013
Can this game be salvaged with mods? (Archived)OptimisticNinja52/17/2013
How well do you think I can run it? (Archived)
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Is it possible to download new guns in downloadable content? (Archived)Nuttawech12/16/2013
How many guns are there in alien colonial marine? (Archived)Nuttawech12/16/2013
How many stage are there in this game? (Archived)Nuttawech12/16/2013
SMG, ball breakers, pump shotty, plasma rifle (Archived)RufusNKenRSTier42/16/2013
If Colonial Marines is disappointing, play classic AvP (Archived)
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Side by Side Comparison Oct 2012 Demo vs Final 2013 Release! (Archived)
Pages: [ 1, 2 ]
Game save (Archived)bhamacuk12/16/2013
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