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6 years ago#1
What are the ultimate weapons for Yuri, Raven, Rita and Estelle (M. ATK)?
I got:
Last Fencer for Yuri
Celestial Star +1 for Raven
Aspion for Rita
Blue Crystal Rod for Estelle

Are these the best weapons for my party?
6 years ago#2
The Fell Arms are the best weapons.

Yuri- Abyssion
Rita- Oroboros
Repede- Susanoh
Karol- Glasya Labolas
Judith- Zarich
Estelle- Mercurius
Raven- Nebilim
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6 years ago#3
Note they are the best once you've leveled them up.
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6 years ago#4
I got some of them and they are weak weapons, so how I level them?
6 years ago#5
You don't level them.

If you complete the sidequest associated with the Fell Arms (check the FAQ's) they become powered up. For every kill you make with a character their power increases, although it won't show in the stats menu.

This works retroactively as well, so you'll be guaranteed of some strong weapons once you complete the sidequest.
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6 years ago#6
It shows it in the stat increase for me, wierd. Anyways you gotta unseal the fel arms first by completing the sidequest after you beat the game. After you talk to flynn you gotta go back and fight the final boss, I know I made that mistake.

Anyways I beleive there's a sticky topic that tells you the ultimate weapons(not including fel arms). I also beleive it lists armor and such as well.
6 years ago#7
Are they missable weapon because I have completed the game?
And thank you a lot.
6 years ago#8
There are no missable Fell Arms.
Yuri - Found from talking to the elder in Myrozo
Estelle - Releise (Can't spell...) Hollow
Karol - Quoi woods (Must have Level 4 ring)
Rita - Found in Tarqaron (Go to the very far right in the puzzle room before the Final boss)
Repede - Found in the same room as Rita's fell arm
Raven - Keiv Moc
Judith - Found in the Aer Kerene (Can't spell either...) near Nordipolica

Actually getting the strength up for the Fell Arms is the hardest part, I've only maxed out Yuri and Rita's. I only plan on maxing Repede, Karol and Flynn's Fell Arms
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6 years ago#9
Just got all of them. Oh my God! Yuri: 2000 ATK to 6000 ATK o_O
Raven ATK slightly UP
Rita down :(
Estelle Down :(

Thank you a lot all of you ^^
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