Comrade Crest & Book of Friendship *Spoilers i guess*

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8 years ago#1

So, I got the quest (for lack of a better word) to deliver the book of Friendship to Yu Seron's friend... but I have no idea where the dude is. Is he just chilling somewhere on the overworld map or in a town? I just talked to Phaeroh at the Crag and I have the WHALEship, so I'm kinda just puttering around and going to town to town.

8 years ago#2
He is located at the Port Capua Torim Inn. I just walked in and the scenes started playing.
8 years ago#3
Hmmm... I recently got the same quest and started to visit all the town in the game (before coming here) and I've also been to Capua Torim's Inn and no scene happened... =( I also stayed the night (just in case it would give me another scene or something) so... When did that scene occur for you?


I've just finished the part after the Belius fight and have regained control of my ship and for some reason the scene isn't happening right now =(
8 years ago#4
Go to my blog and look up (Guild Quest Part 1)
8 years ago#5
Good stuff, thanks Kouli!
8 years ago#6
that blog didnt help. i went to carpua torim and nothing happened. since getting the book of friendship and the comrade crest ive put a couple hours on and im headed to mt temza. i stopped by carpua torim and went to the inn and still nothing.
8 years ago#7

Norbis didnt appear for me until after I talked to Pheroh.
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