Giganto Monster Lists And Locations

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Hey guys...just thought I would post a little bit of info for giganto monsters here..I hope you guys find this useful.

Starting with:

Hermit Drill - Level 34: Located in the Weasand Of Cados. Look somewhere in the southern corner of the cave..this will be the first giganto monster you meet and is very hard not to notice.

Medusa Butterfly - Level 45: Located In the Sands Of Kogorh. This monster is in the southwest corner of the northern section of the desert.

Brutal - Level 58: Located just north of Deidon Hold. It only appears AFTER exiting the Blade drifts of Zopheir.

Brucis - Level 62: Located In Egothor forest. You can find it just down the hill from the save point...the first time you meet it though, it's recommended not to fight will most likely only be in the Mid- 40's as Brucis is Level 62.

*Note* Brucis is the strongest Giganto monster.

Pterobronc - Level 49: Located In Mt. Temza. Return there after getting Ba'ul to find it in the large crater near the entrance.

Fenrir - Level 58: Located in the Erealumen Crystallands. It can be found in the northeast corner of the cave, beyond the second crystallized bridge.

Poseidon - Level 55: Located in the Enduring Shrine of Zaud. Quite simple, make a second visit back to find it residing somewhere inside.

Chimera Butterfly - Level 50: Located In The Quoi Woods. This giganto monster can only be reached with the level 4 Sorcerer's Ring. When you have it, burn the bushes to the north of the entrance.

*Note* To get the Level 4 Sorcerer's Ring, Fly Ba'ul to that Jelly-Fish looking thingy that houses Myorzo and visit the Elder there to Receive the Abyssion Sword ( One Of The Fell Arms) Once you have the sword, take it to the Aer krene sitting on an island southeast of Nordopolica. Once you are there, the boulder blocking your path will shatter because of the presence of the Abyssion Sword. Then, enter the Aer Krene and head to the center of the cave to recieve your sorcerer's ring level 4.

Griffin - Level 59: Located on the 6th continent. Fly to northwest corner of the world map to find it.
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Is the lvl 4 Sorcerer's Ring an optional upgrade since it deals with the "special" weapons? Thinking about it, though, you pick up one of the special weapons during the story in Symphonia. Mieu Wings was an optional upgrade in Abyss though.

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Yeah..Level 4 & 5 Sorcerer's Ring are both optional.
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haha i just did what u told me not to do
i killed brucis at lv 40:P
oh well everyone grew a lvl:)
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Yeah..Level 4 & 5 Sorcerer's Ring are both optional.

What do the upgrades do? I think I read that 4 burns things, but what about 5?
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Level 5 can destroy stronger objects...such as rocks..
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Do you need to activate the Giganto Monsters sidequest to get the achievement? Or can I just kill them and still get it?
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if you beat the gigantos after starting the quest, do you get a skit or do you get a skit no matter what,
because when I beat hermit drill I got a skit after words is that normal, or does that only happen if the quest was started.
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I was on the quest when I beat Hermit Drill, and I also got a skit. I think it's normal, jsut because its your first encounter with such an enormous monster.
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Oh, can I get a bit more direction on how to find Griffin exactly? I've never been able to locate that one. Could you at least give the name of the field it's in?