final gale ???

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User Info: Edenton

8 years ago#1
if u you want to makes a " Frigid Blast "
we need a :
Arte Used: Final Gale
Skill Required: Great Delug

Question is how to make a FINAL GALE

User Info: PsychoFalcon

8 years ago#2
I accidentally Final Gale.

Is this bad?

User Info: VeghEsther

8 years ago#3
Final Gale is Yuri's last event arte minor spoilers:-
-and Final Gale can only be learned shortly after the Flynn battle inside Aurnion.

User Info: SeraphZelkin

8 years ago#4
Yes, Final Gale is the last event Arte in the game.

The final Arte you will ever learn (I believe, at least from where I'm at, since I don't seem to be learning any new Artes) is the Altered version of Final Gale, Glacier Blast (or some such).
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User Info: VeghEsther

8 years ago#5
minor spoilers kind of:-
Yuri gets 1 more ougi not mentioned in the players guide Wailing Blast at LV 63 which I only had learned after learning Final Gale.

User Info: zephyrical

8 years ago#6
I got "Wailing Blast" at 57, Rending Wolf Charge at 63.
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