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User Info: steelsnake4u

8 years ago#1
is there a certain strategy to winning the dice game agasint the dice master or is it completely random?
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User Info: LabyrinthMind

8 years ago#2
Just keep trying, it seemed random to me.

Its a 1/8 chance, so not too bad.

User Info: Giltia_zero

8 years ago#3
Strategy is "don't give up". Took me thirty minutes to get the title because apparently I do not have my ancestors Irish luck.
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User Info: leavemywife

8 years ago#4
It's a game of luck, so you just gotta go for the stars!
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User Info: Hotmagic18

8 years ago#5
i went high high high and i won my first game with him.
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User Info: Echo_djinn

8 years ago#6
^LOL so did I but after that I could barely win.
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User Info: Nico_Silius

8 years ago#7
Considering I lost about 30 before I won... I'm wondering if it has anything to do with your characters luck. Rita has a measly 27, so the odds might be reduced.
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User Info: Greko Roman

Greko Roman
8 years ago#8
Play the even/odd game.

Always pick even.

Those are your best odds because you can never ever roll a "1". There is just one more even number he can roll. I've played the game 5 times so far and always won with a bit of luck of course.
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User Info: Ork_Hero

8 years ago#9
i did even even even on my 2nd try and won, does a special cutscene play if you get it on your 1st try?
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