Repede need to pee to mark is territory

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8 years ago#1
Do we need to mark/sleep 100% of the map to get the end of this side quest. I've got 90% of the map and I don't know what to do next. I've seen the cut scene after 50% of the map.

8 years ago#2
That's a lot of urine....

Anyways. I don't get how this whole side quest works. What do you supposed to do to mark?
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8 years ago#3
8 years ago#4
It's quest who invole the previous leader of the cats and the dogs (I don't remember the town it start after the 2/3 of the game). He want to fight Repede to regain his title so the quest is to mark territory (you need to sleep in all the possible region on the map). Your map will be marked in blue and red (in the special menu)
8 years ago#5

Answer please

8 years ago#6
You need to mark ALL the regions, the progression bar on the dog map can be misleading because I got 100% and it still showed a small part of red on the bar for him, even though he owned no region.
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8 years ago#7
after about 90% you can go to Aurnion to trigger a scene where you get an attachment for repede. Then you can go to zaphias and talk to a dog in the lower quarter to get a title. You may need to get 100% to get the title though.
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8 years ago#8 the scene you saw the one that happens automatically, on the field? If it was just that one, go to Dahngrest and talk to a cat near the entrance. Then, if you are at 90%, go to Aurnion, and go left and down a little, so you're near the watchtower-like structure. A scene should start and Repede gets a Pork Chop attachment. After that, finish the have to sleep in ever little area, not just use the blue coloring as a guide. I did it fine by going into menu, going to map, and going down the list of field locations.

After you're done, go to Zaphias and go toward the game's first save point. Talk to a cat near there. Also, it's been said somewhere around here that the cat will appear if you almost have a full bar, but don't exactly have 100 percent.
Good luck.
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