What is Yuri's best weapon(possible spoilers)

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8 years ago#11
No, its definitely his strongest P. Attack weapon. Not to mention has the best skill in the game.
8 years ago#12
^Yeah you're right about the attack being higher but the meteorite is better for the facts that it raise m. att. and agl. and it p. att. is only 17 less than the last fencer so I personally think that is't better. Glory after you learn it and equip it it will be much better than the fencer.
8 years ago#13
You may say mp doesn't matter because he doesn't used magic but I think so some way. That's just me.
8 years ago#14
By the time you're getting the high level equipment in the final part of the game I think that the extra few P. Atk points aren't too important. Ignoring skills, my favorite weapon for Yuri is the Caladbolg because it looks so cool and the weapon description fits Yuri very well.

Also, after going through the Coliseum a few times his Fell Arm gives him some godly attack power when its unlocked.
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8 years ago#15
how do you get the better weapon in the final dungeon
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8 years ago#16
If Yuri doesn't use magic, it doesn't matter what you think, it doesn't do crap for him. And if a few measly points of P Atk don't mean much to you, what does a few Agility and M Atk mean? Quit trying to turn this into an opinion. Last Fencer is his best weapon, sans Yuri's Fell Arm.
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8 years ago#17
Last Fencer is not the best weapon I tell you. All it worth is glory and that 's it. It had more atk power doesn't mean that it's the best. If you don't get it then fine, I don't want to argue with you anymore than this.
8 years ago#18
It is his best weapon>_> Who cares about an increase in M Attack when he doesn't use the stat anyway?

And a slight increase in agility isn't better than a slight increase in P. Attack.
8 years ago#19
M.Atk might not do much for Yuri but I'm thinking maybe it affect's his Guardian Field arte?
8 years ago#20
The reason you can't create the last fencer is that you don't hvae ANY synthesis matherials for it. Gather a few of the star gems and you'll see it. I had it made before I entered the final dungeon.
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