Yuri's infinite combo

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7 years ago#1
I hear this mentioned alot, but what moves are included, and what skills do you need to pull it off? thanks in advance.
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7 years ago#2
Skills: Super Chain, Super Chain 2, Super Chain 3, Super Chain 4, Super Chain 5
Ability Plus, High Ability Plus, Hyper Ability Plus
High Tension, Hyper Tension, Ultimate Tension

All those skills pretty much let you use any arte you want in a combo and since the Tension skills allow you to go into over limit after a certain amount of hits, it'll allow you to drag the combo on further letting you to gain more over limit if the enemy doesn't block or die. You can also use any artes you think will last long and keep the enemy close while racking up the hits. Something like Lone Wolf Charge(Storm) wouldn't work to good since it sends the enemy flying away from you.
Too Easy
7 years ago#3
Sorry for the immediate double post but forgot to mention, it's not totally necessary but having Combo Plus, 2 and 3 also help with the hits.
Too Easy
7 years ago#4
When it comes to Artes you just want them to be able to get to 28 hits for the first level of overlimit through tension. You'll generally want whatever your hitting to be up against a wall so some of the artes that do knockback or knockdown like Frigid Blast for example will be usable more easily. The shining series of attacks (Shining Fang, Shining Dragon Swarm and Shining Fang Drop) are good for getting the inital hits for first overlimit and you always have Brutal fang.
7 years ago#5

watch this vid
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