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6 years ago#1

Who else loves Karol? I think he's the best character inthe game. I started out hating him but he just became such an amazing person. I admire him (and am jealous of his creators!)

Or else, who's your favourite character and why?

6 years ago#2
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6 years ago#3
Just look at my name.

I'm disappointed in his costumes though. Golden Soldier is alright, but the rest are terrible in my opinion.
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6 years ago#4

I hate almost everything besides Golden Soldier.

6 years ago#5

I would never take him out of his original outfit. I think Fujishima got it 100(and10)% perfect! :P I don't like his costumes either.

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6 years ago#7

Exactly. XD How old is Karol?

6 years ago#8
I thought Karol was suppose to be around 13 years old.
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6 years ago#9

I personally dislike the "minature heavy" for this game. Anise FTW. Maybe Presea.

6 years ago#10
I like Warehouse master or whatever it's called. I also like his knight costume, too bad it's not a title. his original costume is pretty good as well. When I first heard about Karol I thought he was gonna be the chris to Sonic X but he wasn't lame at all. In fact he was quite cool and didn't cry half as much as i expected. I kinda missed his ignorant boasting though later in the game. One of my favorite moments in the game is when he grabed the bravior at the blade drifts of zophir.

Some of my favorite moves for him Gaia bug after you get karalow X as part of the professory sicily sidequests, Rending drop, and Ulimate devine destruction and w/e it's altered arte is called. Death quake spark i think it is. Dragon Flow Upper > Rending drop = win. It's hard fighting aerial enemies with him though. Alone anyway. I wish he as as good with items as Repede is though. Also I was wonder if anyone else actually uses his stat down moves like Destructo pain shot and destructo spider web.

My favorite character in this game is Estelle, she just has this air of nobility for obvious reasons. She uses a sword and sheild with defensive skills and healing magic. Favorite artes include Star Stroke, Ray sting, and Perice Cluster.

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