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When is the earliest I can get costumes?Scarlet_Warsong84/8/2015
Questions as I play
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So much better then Abyss on the 3DS.Scarlet_Warsong63/31/2015
Anywhere I can find the in-battle defeated portraits for the charactersthefernus13/29/2015
Transferring save file so friend can start an Ex- new gamemagstormcammy23/26/2015
secret mission 17 help, been trying both methods.magstormcammy33/21/2015
Umm Is This A Glitch?(Spoilers)AERXihu43/14/2015
synthesizing the last of the sub-weapons, is this the last thing unlocked.magstormcammy43/14/2015
I used the magic lens on the bandido but in the monster book it still has a ?magstormcammy42/23/2015
Yuri & Flynn Combo Video "A Knights Dignity"Gamin_Boi8722/20/2015
How far am I in the game?Jesushazluv62/19/2015
How many artes can I do in one combo without overlimitmagstormcammy32/12/2015
From what I played, Rita is the heroine of the game(finished it yesterday)
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can titles and grade acquired after the final boss be carried over the a new gammagstormcammy42/6/2015
If I dont pick the unlock all titles options in the grade shop and I start...magstormcammy21/30/2015
collection book achievementmagstormcammy51/29/2015
So how much worse is the 360 version?
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Iron Stance Staggeringpotato333441/7/2015
Config with artes on RTBattleAxeRX11/2/2015
Loud drive spinningPyramidHead00761/2/2015
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