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8 years ago#1
Hello, I am known as Diplomat and I represent Dark Sky Entertainment, developers of Beyond Protocol.
Think of this topic as a place where you can ask questions about the game and I will do my best to answer them.
I will probably be monitoring this post 4-5 times a week. So check back often and bring as many relevant questions as you can think of.

-The Diplomat of Dark Sky Entertainment
8 years ago#2

When is the release date, cause I can't wait...

8 years ago#3

The official release date is November 21st 2008, so just a few months more! If you REALLY can't wait, preordering the game will get you into the beta now, and get you access to the Live and permanant servers on November 20th, giving you a 24 jump on everyone else ;)

8 years ago#4
So I understand you're capable of going about the game any way you choose, whether it be full-blown war, trade agreements, espionage, etc.

Is it possible, if you decide to be a research-based empire, to fit ships with research labs that boost your scientific output if they're in spatial anomalies like gas clouds or on the edges of black holes?
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8 years ago#5

Well now, there's a strategy I hadn't thought of. For now, the answer is no. However, you can currently build space stations, hidden on the edge of a solar system and load it full of research centers for a secluded research boost.

I say for now, because we have MANY ideas still in the development phase, but for the purposes of getting the game polished and released, we're focusing on the myriad of features we have now and bug fixes for them. Once those are taken care of, we plan on including many such strategies over time. It is an MMO, so we will constantly be adding to it. Another way to get that added, would be to propose it in the Galactic Senate and have players vote on it. If it passes, we'll do it!

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