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Oh, it got cancelled? (Archived)TheDromader18/2/2010
I decided to go the source, and directly emailed Cryptic. Their reply inside. (Archived)
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Ummmmmmm (Archived)
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release date today 2pm mnt time (Archived)
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So where's the game then? (Archived)Holy_Hobo32/28/2010
How many people have the PC and won't be playing it after this version comes out (Archived)
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EB Games says Discontinued (Archived)Exodis32/24/2010
So it comes out Tomorrow few questions (Archived)samballer52/24/2010
does this game have a monthly fee? (Archived)applejuiceroar82/23/2010
The game IS still coming out for 360, but there is no official release date. (Archived)Vamphaery82/20/2010
Champions Online release date is 2/23/10 for USA (Archived)
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OXM cites Champions Online as releasing this year (Archived)SlightlySychotic12/9/2010
Should I Wait? (Archived)ALboy5351/31/2010
will it come with a mic (Archived)spookykid14361/9/2010
Will you be able to use your PC character with this version? (Archived)kaliskonig41/6/2010
does the 360 game an official website (Archived)Batista619531/2/2010
There is now a free trial for the PC version! (sort of) (Archived)Nc23Nick612/25/2009
What do you think Daeke (DEV) is talking about? (Archived)samuraiwahoo712/24/2009
ok whf is going on here.? (Archived)
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Would you have bought the PC version by now? (Archived)
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