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6 years ago#11
they should close boards and not open new ones like STO until it's really coming out. i'm done with MS on mmorpg & such games. simply getting a ps3 now and forgeting about the 360.these games will never come out on the 360. i'm done with MS being jerks about these games.
6 years ago#12
That's an interesting point.
Gamefaqs really should delete games that might not come out.
I guess it doesn't serve anyone to keep up boards . . .
. . . for old games that are never going to be released.
On the other hand, I am sure there are quite a few games . . .
. . . that I would take down before Champions Online.

Or can we just agree that Gamefaqs will never take down a board listing.
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6 years ago#13
lol true about gamefaqs not removing boards but it does get people beleving in games coming out that have not even been announced like STO. without any mmorpg games since FF11 you can bank on it we'll never see anouther mmorpg on the 360. why MS why torment us gamers like this ugh.
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