Gold/Silver Cross Platform Restriction?

#1Stumpy143Posted 2/4/2009 2:29:41 AM
I just recently got LPC and my friend and i played a few Player Matches together. Him on his PC and me on my 360. But then when we wanted to tryn actually get some credit for playing(ranked matches)we couldn't seem to join eachothers games, we can both play ranked matchs seperately, and we can play together on Player Matches.(unranked) But we cant seem to be able to play together in ranked matches. Is this because i have a Gold Live account and he doesnt? or is the Cross Platform Feature only for Player Matches? Can only Gold members play Cross platform on Ranked? HELP!!!!
#2GANGSTASANPosted 2/12/2009 1:39:47 PM

That's odd.... Windows Live gold is free a couple of motnhs ago.

So, wait, you have gold, and your friend on his PC (using GFWL) has silver?