Help with missions...possible*SPOILERS*

#1KimataroPosted 8/2/2009 8:35:32 PM
Can somebody help me in the evac mission....i hate when the zombies break down the door and keep calling buddies...all i can do is juz headshot them,i don't know even if i m going in the right direction,help pls i wanna get out of the sh*thole.At least giv a map or something,the ground is full of zombies,how am i suppose to get to the rooftop if there is no ladder.i keep hearing a baby,women and a dog cry ...
#2dude63Posted 8/6/2009 2:24:29 PM
Alright wel lthe minute that infected tackles you and the one soldier shoots its head There should be a building almost imediately behind you with a ladder. Climb it. I beleive you end up on some sort of boardwalk. Now what you can do is sit there and pick off the zombies on the they aren't continuely spawned enemies. I would just pikc them off and move on. Follow the bvoardwalk until you can cross to another house. Once you do more infected will attack. After this..its pretty much over with the big horde. Just look around the level. There is multiple paths to get to one location. My memory is rusty on how it played out. Howevere, I remember eventually by going up the hill there is a ladder leading to the upstairs.