BBM 09 Out

#1EVEN11131Posted 3/23/2008 8:43:05 PM
If anyone reads this and doesn't know, BBM 2009 is out for $24.95 @ the BBM website.
#2Sins-of-MosinPosted 3/30/2008 7:18:51 PM

Seems the retail box won't be out till early May or such, probably why everyone has that for the release date. Not sure if I can justify the $25 price tag on this one. A bit of money for basically a text game.

#3DanielW123456Posted 4/8/2008 4:53:16 PM
I got it, its pretty good
#4upstagedPosted 4/15/2008 6:46:15 PM
A text game it may well be (more or less), but a satisfying, complex and challenging one.
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