When will this game actually come out?!?!

#1FrauMann1Posted 8/2/2008 11:31:52 PM
The date gamefaqs posts keeps getting pushed back. When will it actually be released in stores?
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#2nWo 4LifePosted 8/4/2008 12:13:51 AM
I am currently playing the game
Just go to sportsmogul.com and buy and download it
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Whoa! Dang, now I feel like an idiot....
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#4raichudlPosted 8/26/2008 10:24:24 AM
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#5JodatoaPosted 8/27/2008 1:56:57 PM
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#6Sins-of-MosinPosted 9/3/2008 6:36:57 AM

I don't understand why it's so hard for them to have a retail release. It was supposed to come out in May and nearly every week it's in the release article. Yes I know it's on their site for buying and downloading but I just find it funny that they can't push it out the door for retail.

I tried the demo and the game can't even make a decent schedule so hopefully it gets fixed. Yeah, I read that you can manually edit and try to get a better one but that's the job of the dev.

#7EVEN11131Posted 9/13/2008 6:23:28 PM
It didnt make it into stores because the publisher that they were going to use shut down.