Does this game have 1v1 practices for QBs/Ks/Ps? Is it better than the first?

#1ThiradellPosted 12/29/2010 11:28:50 PM
Can't decide whether to pick up this game, I'm playing the original for the Xbox right now and it's fun, but a few things about it frustrate me.
-Pass Skeleton is the only practice which directly helps the QB, and it doesn't do very much for them.
-It's absurdly difficult for defensive linemen to improve in their 1v1s because they just get stuffed almost every time.
-There's no practices for your kicker or punter, which is a glaring flaw.

Gameday simulations. Silly things like:
-Players carelessly running into each other
-Quarterbacks prematurely deciding to scramble
-Quarterbacks always scrambling on HB screens

These are very frustrating and also often game-changing. I'm aware that practicing plays more will generally make them go more smoothly in-game, but there's still just dumb glitches.

Does this game improve on the first in those ways? I've put about 16 hours into the original and am starting to see the brilliant game behind the rough surface that turned most people off, but I don't want to throw those 16 hours away for this game if it isn't significantly different. I would greatly appreciate any advice or feedback.
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