How old is everyone who is playing this?

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User Info: pika23

8 years ago#1
I'm 30. <_< I love ALL games, and I have a girly side that likes the odd nintendog or princess type game once in a while to break the monotony. And it was free, so I thought, why the hell not!
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User Info: Diaburo

8 years ago#2
Haha...I'm 17 and I don't even know why I'm playing this game. It seems girly...but it's kind of addicting.
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User Info: lire62

8 years ago#3
17 too. I think it's a little refreshing. I'm hoping that it will get difficult later on... way too easy right now =.=; I'm hoping for more dating sims since some could be fun

User Info: BloodTie

8 years ago#4
... I'm 19 . : D But my heart is 7 years old!!! <3
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User Info: heavenlynova

8 years ago#5
22 and I love girly games like this. Great change of pace imo. Also it's quite humbling to play as a chick picking up guys to.
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User Info: AngelPeach

8 years ago#6
I'm 25. I agree with heavenlynova, it's a nice change of pace. I love how this game is different than others I have played before! I agree, we need more games like this.

User Info: KawaiiMariru

8 years ago#7
I'm 23, woman, and I love those kind of games (datesims), I would like some more in english because sometimes I can't stand games like Tokimeki Memorial to be all in japanese T_T

User Info: NeoXDeath13

8 years ago#8
I'm 19 and I heard this game was in the same vein as Bible Black for the PC but so far its been kind of a dissapointment. Am I making the wrong choices to get the good scenes? - Tick Tock, SongRui
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User Info: Qchan

8 years ago#9
im 21, i think this game kinda cute,,

User Info: teesa

8 years ago#10
almost 31 ^.^
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