Online...where did it go?!

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5 years ago#1
Okay, I've had the Japanese version (not the ASIAN version) ever since it came out. Never really played it much online since i didn't have a stable wireless internet connection to support online support for ps3 until now. Online multiplayer used to run smoothly whenever i went to a friend's house. But now, it seems i can't find anyone to play this game online with. what gives?
5 years ago#2
Remember most people are from japan so you have to relate to their times.
If you want people to race a lot you should try to compile a group on your friends list.
I guess post on a lot of people on that forum are still active on extreme stage.
I infact am picking the game up this weekend! I know it's been a long time but better late than never :P I use to spend so much money on the arcades haha
Add me for some races :)
PSN ID - DSMDave_25
5 years ago#3
And I just realized the Japanese PSN is inaccessible to people outside of Japan.
I'll have to build up my stats now that I've switched on to another PSN account.
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