is this game any good???

#1fanXgirlPosted 10/25/2008 5:53:27 PM
im looking to buy a new game and i saw this. Is it 100 percent worth buying???
#2Raven PoePosted 10/26/2008 12:11:55 PM
I am enjoying it. I guess you can sort of compare it to Phoenix Wright with just an investigating phase. You look for clues, answer questions, look at case files etc.
But to say 100% worth buying is up to you. I think it is...well maybe 95% some may be put off by the old a 70s cop show or something.
#3fanXgirl(Topic Creator)Posted 10/26/2008 3:56:02 PM
k, cool, thanx
#4major_csi_fanPosted 11/19/2008 4:04:38 AM
i lik alot only downside is parts of it are very easy and i only started playing it yesterday and aready done case 2 well 3 if u include tutioral but overfun very fun and i mean once u get aout 3 pieces ofd evidence it just boils down to querys.
Can prob b done in about 5-6 hrs i think