The True Game Informer Information Thread;

#11Nextgengamer666Posted 3/13/2009 1:33:14 PM
^I don't recall Jack developing as a character considering he never spoke other than one line in the beginning.
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Here, I put two photos I found on photobucket for everyone:
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YES!!!! Now I'm sure this game will be awesome. Thanks.
"I'm no hero... Never was. I'm just an old killer... Hired to do some wet work." - Old Snake
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True, but you found out more about him throughout the game. Though I suppose the same will happen with the new guy.
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Hmmm..seeing the picture's makes it more beliveable now. But i'll wait too see the new GI issues too say anything. .-.
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#16PKA87Posted 3/13/2009 1:59:02 PM
if this is true, the only thing I don't like about it, is that You defend little sisters when they harvest and waves of splicers come and you gotta defeat them...?

Sorry but that kinda ruins the whole breathing living city to me cause it will all be scripted... like i wouldn't have a problem if it was a living breathing city still, but just alot more splicers walking around, and if they see the little sister they would attack her and the positions of splicers are not scripted, that i wouldn't mind so much. But to me it sounds to much like the horde idea from L4D when you trigger a certain event.

Secondly I hope they cant damage the little sister, and can only deal with her after they have killed you, cause in the first bioshock I absolutely hated the whole idea protecting the little sisters in that "training course".. when you were the big daddy.

P.S. And since your to be the first big daddy... maybe your the Big Daddy that was repairing the tunnel in Rapture when Jack first arrived?
#17AutomissionPosted 3/13/2009 2:24:09 PM
seems pretty annoying still, but if its only a few bits in a prequel bit, im okay with it.

No one got any full high quality magazine scans yet?
#18Flare10Posted 3/13/2009 2:25:43 PM
That makes sense with the whole prequel and sequel thing. Hope we know more soon.
#19AutomissionPosted 3/13/2009 2:28:56 PM
wait a minute. You cant have the little Sister getting rushed by splicers in the Prequel section. If this was the first ever Big daddy, I'd assume the citizens would still not be entirely spliced up, they'd just be mildly dosed on plasmids and Adam.

Hardly the manic splicers we saw in 1960's rapture.
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