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7 years ago#21
No plasmid?
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7 years ago#22
Posted 3/13/2009 5:41:40 PM
No plasmid?

There are plasmids. In fact, there are two new ones we know of so far; one that can slow down time and one that gives you telepathic powers. You can use telepathy to gain knowledge from enemies and learn their weaknesses (replaces camera?) and learn passcodes to safes/keypards/etc.
7 years ago#23
No, I'm pretty sure that, if you're referring to the topics stating that there will also be Soviets, Rhinos and a Giant Squid fight, that those rumors have been dispelled. However, there will be "mutated plasmids" and you'll be able to upgrade other weapons, including your drill as you'll be a Big Daddy.
7 years ago#24
Supposedly you'll also be able to combine certain plasmids. One example I remember seeing was using a fire plasmid on a cyclone trap and turning it into a fire cyclone.
7 years ago#25
First big daddy?

could this be him?

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7 years ago#26
My question is...what are we going to use as weapons? A Big Daddy with a machine gun? or are we stuck with just the drill and rivet gun? Upgrading weapons was pretty cool in the first game, hopefully we aren't stuck with just the drill and rivets.
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7 years ago#27
think that was concept art before they went and improved on the design, i doubt the first ever Fully working big daddy would look so frail and useless.
7 years ago#28
they are all old concept art from bs1
7 years ago#29
Yeah that's what I figured. But if you were to actually play as the FIRST big daddy, than this one would make sense, because he looks like a prototype of the other ones. I'd be interesting if they decide to reuse this model.
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7 years ago#30
You better just play as a big daddy only in the prequel part, because I don't want to play L4D with splicers, I want to play BioShock 2.
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