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7 years ago#51
Why doesn't someone who has the magazine just type the whole article, or is that not allowed?
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7 years ago#52
bioshock (1) it was not fun, felt like a chore,

How in the hell did it feel like a chore? It had no impact on the gameplay whatsoever. It was just there for the story. You still used your plasmids and still used your normal weapons. It was purely aesthetic.
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7 years ago#53

this game is going to be exciting, i just read the april issue and it is awsome and the story is going to be better but theirs still something bothering me, who do u play has cuse in the issue it doesnt say anything about Jack Abbot that everyone keeps saying and they didnt mention the Zoo level that everyone is mentioning but i do like the idea of the big daddy cant wait till this game comes out

7 years ago#54
everyone i have three words for you ALL GAMES BETA go there NOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and them you can read the FULL pages and stop squabbling
7 years ago#55
Seems pretty obvious to me that this game is going to flounder - hard.
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7 years ago#56
Since you guys don't want to go to the ALL Games Beta like yayformeimanoob so kindly said to, than i'll post the pictures

Give credit to yayformeimanoob, not me.
"Don't Wait! Incinerate!"
7 years ago#57
cheers butters i appreciate the credit, i'm only here to help
7 years ago#58
It's odd, if you look in one of the pictures you see tenenbaum talking?? !?
"Don't Wait! Incinerate!"
7 years ago#59
"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former." - Albert Einstein
7 years ago#60
either this game is going to be just good or just plain bad
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