Need at least 5 for MP chievos : Aqua Incognito, Territorial, and Man about Town

#1SciGuy831Posted 3/21/2013 4:48:24 AM
Just got the game and I'd like to get the the harder MP achievements out of the way first, since multiplayer is nearly dead. If anybody is looking to get these 3 achievements, please POST here and SEND me a friend request too. Gamertag is SciGuy831. I'll leave the day for people to respond to this and by tonight hopefully we'll have at least 5 to start a game...I'll be on at 7:30 PM eastern time. Try to be on then or at least send a friend request with details so when I get five people I can work out a time. Thanks guys, and hopefully see you all tonight...
#2HMXTaylor_LeePosted 3/23/2013 12:36:13 PM
I am up for it!

Sick of being killed by level 100 colonels with electro bolts and crossbows.

GT: HMXTaylorLee
#3mudslinger84Posted 3/24/2013 2:15:41 PM
i need this also gt mudslinger84
#4RodrigoMuertePosted 3/24/2013 4:43:27 PM
Yea im down for it as well ; GT AlloyRod
#5mudslinger84Posted 3/24/2013 6:41:05 PM
finished these now
#6SciGuy831(Topic Creator)Posted 3/24/2013 7:37:46 PM
Hey guys...just letting you know I already got these achievements but since I'll be boosting the reincarnation achievement, I will be on and will still help you get the other ones. I've already got some people so we should have a least 6 now. I'm working tonight, but will be on all night Monday and Tuesday, so hope to see you all then.
#7HMXTaylor_LeePosted 3/25/2013 7:38:50 AM
I don't know how I missed you playing Bioshock 2 this weekend. Need to set a beacon for that game I reckon.

I will most definitely be up for the Territorial achievement tonight/tomorrow, along with some good ol fashioned experience grinding to work for Reincarnation.
#8ActionKazimerPosted 3/29/2013 2:16:32 PM
Any chance you guys might be one for this again? I'd love to get in on a session. Those achievements are gonna be the only ones I"m missing from the trilogy soon.
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