Need Aqua Incognita and Territorial

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3 years ago#1
Anyone out there with the DLC want to help me boost matches for the achievements?
3 years ago#2
I'm looking for these as well. I would also love to boost up as many ranks as I can. My GT = NotMF
3 years ago#3
btw, my GT: KindBeast306975
3 years ago#4
I found this trick where you just win 6 private "Adam Grab" matches by yourself on each of the DLC maps. The next non-private match you win on a DLC map should give you both Territorial and Aqua Incognita.

I personally won the 6 private matches earlier tonight, and then finally played my first DLC map in a non-private match, but my team didn't win, and the Aqua Incognita achievment triggered. I'm assuming if and when I play on another DLC map and win, I'll get Territorial as well.
3 years ago#5
Since I posted this a couple days ago, I have not seen even one DLC map in a game lobby so I still haven't gotten Territorial yet. At this rate I'll hit level 50 before I get another legit chance at a DLC map.
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