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3 years ago#1
Is anyone interested in this? I don't think many people play this online anymore and I really want to clean up these last few achievements. Add me if interested. GT: Choff Ohh
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3 years ago#2
A couple of us need the DLC achievements. There's a trick where if you just win 6 private "Adam Grab" matches by yourself on each of the DLC maps, the next non-private match you win on a DLC map gives you both Territorial and Aqua Incognita achievements.

Problem is the DLC maps hardly ever show up in a non-private match, unless everyone in the match is trying for them. I personally did that private match trick, and then finally played a DLC map online but we didn't win, and I got one of the achievements, so it definitely works that much. I'll be willing to help anyone if they want to do it the real way, and we can hack turrets to boost our rank in the process. My GT = NotMF.
3 years ago#3
Gonna be finishing up Infinite in next day or so then gonna play Bioshock 2 again. I hope. Interested in some achievement boosting on this game for MP. My gamer tag is aFlockOfHippies if you want to add me.
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3 years ago#4
i'm definitely interested in helping get these achievements. GT in the sig. if anyone adds me, use a gfaqs message.
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3 years ago#5
i just have to level up to 50 (on 30 right now), so i'd definitely be willing to help boost. i also have the dlc, so i'm down to help out anyone who needs those achievements. GT is SilentlyForgot.
3 years ago#6
I don't have XBL for another couple weeks, but I was just about to ask if people still played this online.

Thanks for pre-emptively answering my question :)
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3 years ago#7
I just started playing this again... forgot that I had minervas den dlc.

I see the boards are dead, i haven't tried MP yet, but im up for boosting and non boosting games. GT is my posting name
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3 years ago#8
Just finally got around to finishing up main story for Bioshock 2. working on DLC now. Have not been on much of late, but I think got a couple of you on Xbox live now. I am usually available from 1-3 am and 1-3 pm est most days as I have a weird schedule for work and all. But can do/need help with boosting as I don't play a lot of MP but hate having all those un bleep-blooped achievements. My gamer tag is aFlockOfHippies.
If you were me then I would be you and I would use your hands to type this.
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