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8 years ago#1
I need help on lapping 5 cars on daytona infield. i've already lapped 2 cars. I need 2 pit in a lap or so. plz help
8 years ago#2
wreck some cars
8 years ago#3
I came up with an idea that worked greatly in other circuits, but never tried on Daytona. Try to make a HUGE havoc, in the first lap, if possible, and then make a full lap at your maximum speed. Probably, if the havoc was big enough, there will still be 5 cars there to you for pass up :D
Good luck ;)
8 years ago#4
I'll try that...

I have the same problem on Speedway BLVD.
8 years ago#5
Another option that I found useful is going into Pro Mode, with lots of laps. If you get a nice car with a good gear tune, you should lap 5 cars in some time ;D

But, creating chaos is always easier ;D
8 years ago#6
And chaos is more fun too
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