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Could have made a sequel, made Sonic Boom instead (Archived)Voysa_Reezun11/20 9:46PM
Runs better as god? (Archived)kingleg16/25 1:57PM
If you arrest Nasri, then does it count towards Judge, Jury, Executioner? (Archived)Mr Penguin 00714/27/2014
Sabotage or Technical Aptitude? (Archived)DudleyDragon14/2/2014
Finally!1000g! (Archived)yunaforever33/4/2014
Aiming shoulder switch? (Archived)EarInfection42/20/2014
JJE and kill Marburg! (Archived)yunaforever52/1/2014
God!How does anybody beat hard mode? (Archived)yunaforever32/1/2014
Is there any fix for this glitch? (Archived)ChaoticGood51/28/2014
Marburg and Parker (Archived)revan19321/24/2014
Ready for Anything Intel achievement... (Archived)John32521/22/2014
To anyone having trouble with the Respected Enemies Achievement... (Archived)John32511/21/2014
Some interesting what-if scenarios in the ending (spoilers) (Archived)Cyath11/20/2014
What's the point of discovering Scarlet's Secret Fact? (spoilers) (Archived)Cyath21/19/2014
Great game!Not doing to bad! (Archived)yunaforever11/18/2014
Can I still get SIE if she's at 0 after the initial Marburg mansion thing? (Archived)DarkHorseRequie38/29/2013
Game ruined?? (Archived)DrakeGein18/24/2013
judge, jury and executioner & no time for romance (Archived)Yansxbox18/9/2013
Any way to get 3rd tier Assault Rifles without picking SIE (Archived)Dr Jackal36/2/2013
Just finished this awesome game. Why all the hate ? (Archived)diablogamer105/28/2013
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