My tips on how to beat Omen Deng as Stealth with No wep skills.

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6 years ago#1
Hi all. I just spent the better part of at least 4 hours trying to kill Omen Deng, with a character who had high stealth with NO weapon skills ( i went down the cracking line as well). Additionally i had all of 2 remote mines and no med kits + just to top it off, i am playing on the hardest setting.

Anyway i just wanted to help others avoid this frustration by giving some tips and secrets that i found out about the boss battle.

Ok so firstly the weapons i did have where my pistol and rifle, both with quite a bit of ammo. I found that dealing damage was a slow process, but i didn't feel i was going to run out of ammo.

Anyway my quick tips for each stage of the battle.
-Dealing with the guards. So at the start of the battle i stuck a remote mine on one of the elevators. When the guards roll up, i detonated it. Sometimes this would kill one of the guys, but the real reason is that the other one would usually come running down. Simple enter stealth mode after you blow the mine up and mop both of the guys up. Then replace the mine for the next lot.

-Dealing with Omen's bullsh*t melee. There is actually a simple way to avoid this, you just need to time you punches against him so that you hit him the moment he attempts to attack you. Best case is that you hit him the moment he is open and he retracts, worst case you get hit a few times but interrupt him (only losing some armor). He will always attempt to attack you three times, before stealthing, so time your punches properly ( a dead give away is he will suddenly rush you, so get some space to see this coming).

Thats really about it, just keep shooting him with what ever weapons you have (from cover). The only real danger of dieing is melee, if he spends time shooting you , you can easily take time to regenerate armor.

Hope this helps someone!!
6 years ago#2
Why play with no weapon skills at all? doing this to make the game challenging is counter-productive and serves no purpose.
6 years ago#3
The fact that weapons skills are pretty much half of the tree, you'd think you'd have picked at least one of them.

Your current build would be absolute failure if Shadow Opeative didn't work when enemies are alerted.
Seriously. I hope that if you buy a boxed copy of it when it comes out , the guy at the counter just says, "No." -- screamingknife
6 years ago#4
Nothing up to that fight made me feel like i needed to bother with weapon skills. I did Taipei first and i pretty much breezed through all the levels (using stealth / stealth kills and headshots) up until Omen Deng. Of course i have learnt my lesson now and will be getting some skills in weapons :P It was simply some advice for people who might have been lured into the same trap as i was.
6 years ago#5
Every single skill on the skill tree is there for a reason, some skills are crap, like the SMG and shotgun, i personally hate those weapons, i either use pistols, rifles or H2H.

I have done playthroughs with pistols, rifles AND H2H, the only thing that pees me off with the H2H in the game is that the AI can block, while you can not, its weird, since Martial Arts is about Defense and Evasion, not being a punching bag. lol
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